• Jesus said in Matthew 22 that the FIRST AND GREATEST COMMANDMENT is that we LOVE the LORD GOD with all our heart, soul, & mind. And to also LOVE our Neighbours as ourselves!

    Jesus we celebrate him, as creator life coach, mega entrepreneur, Saviour Lord and God and becasue we can celebrate him we can celebrate you, here at Image Breakers

  • You were created for the incredible, You were made for This. we want to show you what This is!

  • God into all the world and preach the gospel the good news to everybody. healing salvation and GOD’S miracle power through bible give signs and wonders…

  • Image Breakers fundamental doctrine is rooted and anchored firmly with the first New Testament Church that was born on the day of Pentecost. It preaches and practices the same message of only one God manifested Himself in flesh and His name is Jesus; repentance, baptism in Jesus name for the remission of sins, the infilling of the Holy Ghost (Acts 2:37-38).

    We value Divine healing, victory, success, the gifts of the Holy Ghost the five fold ministry, deliverance and sound teaching that inspires and motivates you to do great things in the kingdom