Set Your Gift on Fire

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  1. Your gift will make room for you.. IF.. You show me your passion, if your share with me new found revelation, if you help others get higher than yourself. If you promote others first, if you are content to lay aside your title because your gift is on fire… Avoid the “title race”    Titles don’t win friends, people who serve do. Take Paul’s advice, be a servant first (Ro 1:11. Prov 18:16).
  2. Status is a bad substitute for passion. Heres a key with dealing with pride O yes thats what it is Pride. heres a key for dealing with pride. Get so on fire with your gift making a product serving a cause, lighting a path blazing a trail that you forget who you are. only then can you known fulfilment.
  3. It matters not  that you give yourself a title, for if it does natter to you then the chances are you have yet to find your gift and role in life. be so big in God that no title can hold you and no label can tell others who you are.
  4. I have a  friend, he said to me one day, as we stepped out of a church convention, the same ones preach all the time. I said thats ok, the pulpit is too small for you my brother, he looked at me and I said, “Be so big that the pulpit others stand behind is too small for your gift.”
  5. I rather be known for touching someone’s life that for having a string of ministry titles. No I’m not against titles, they are titles God gives right (Eph 4:11) I’m against us being addicted to them and thinking we must push them in order for folks to accept us.
  6. Be so on fire that no title will be big enough to describe your gift.
  7. Remember Jesus, he came into town as a servant, he shook the world as a servant. He’s the model.
  9. Passion and suffering are found inthe same place, ask Jesus!
  10. What can you endure with thanksgiving.

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