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BECOME an IMAGE BREAKER Network Monthly Seed Partner

Image Breakers are people who are hungry for a Jesus revolution, They stop at nothing to destroy the fake images in our world and lives and neighbourhood that deny God and his rightful place as King in our lives.

They are the prophets, apostles evangelists, social media leaders, pastors and teachers who pursue their God given destiny and purpose with fire.

Areyou an image Breaker? would you carefully consider breaking limits with us Each month our seed partners who sow into this ministry will recieve a teachign audio (downloadable).

Thank you for your interest in IMAGE BREAKERS, We look forward to breaking down the fake idols and gods with you


Paul B Thomas Teaches Daily at 2pm GMT (6am TEXAS TIME) LIVE on the Internet..! Now You Can Download The MP3 Audio File And Listen Over and Over..! A Great Tool To Help You With Your Daily Faith Walk.


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