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Hi My name is Paul Thomas. I am a servant of Jesus called to be a preacher. I serve the Lord as as a pastor, author, and revival Preacher, as he sees fit. I loves challenging the edge, provoking thought and connecting to preachers and believers like you. I enjoy the company of the incredible, so welcome.

I grew up in Wales UK. My passion is America, My mission is to preach Jesus and reveal the truth that he is God. I adhere to the apostles doctrine the doctrine of Jesus, the truth that the apostles declared. Truth that shakes and awakes cities and nations.

I Pastored a church when I was 21 an later pastored another for a short time before moving on to America, where I spent 17 years preaching revivals and helping Pastors in their weekly meetings with teaching on various topics.

I’ve been involved in Prison ministry and ministry to young peoples groups. Youth in rehabilitation centers and also seminars in churches. I also ran an apostolic preachers network online and spend some years between my preaching engagements studying in depth, the man Jesus as God and the apostles doctrine out of which have come the EBooks I have available on Amazon. I love connecting with missionaries and pastors to encourage and promote mission activities. Today I am active with my Fijian brothers and sisters in Wales, until my next assignment in the Lord.

My Name is Paul Thomas
Mission: To Preach the Gospel of Jesus Christ
Vision: Revival Preaching USA
Passion:  Preaching Jesus.
Message: Destiny, Purpose, The believers Total dominion

Ministry: Youth Pastor. Pastor. Evangelist to USA
One Thing I would Say:  Jesus is God. Jesus is the revelation of God. He is God in person and salvation is for you in his name for the remission of all sins (Acts 2:38).