Launch Out into the Deep

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Launch out into the deep (LUKE 5;4)

The deep will unlock new levels of talent in you.
The deep will reveal hidden secrets of knowledge that will make you prosperous.
The deep will reveal a new kind of faith that you’ve never used before.
The deep will give you a new passion for God’s new thing.
The deep will take you out of old territory and into new ministry.
The deep will end your frustration with small things and bring you contentment with God’s big thing.
The deep will end your association with whats familiar and take you into a season of that which is eternal.

Launch out into the deep with.
.. Your biggest business idea
.. Your greatest ministry step
.. Your best sermon in print
.. The God given dream in your heart

Don’t think inside the ship, Think as if there is no ship. Now ask yourself, what kind of ship should I build?

Launch out today… Go find your DEEP… This is your season

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