Spiritual Weakness


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Signs of Spiritual Weakness

1. The wearing down of Jezebell and the spirit of control ( 1 Kings 19:2,3).
2. You resort to the wilderness where theres fear and discontent (v3)
3. You get attached to the wrong stuff (4)
4. Your life means nothing you even contemplate ending it all (4)
5. Elijah asked, “am I better than my fathers?” Failure dominates your thinking (4)
6. Your cave becomes your comfort (9).
7.  Aloness becomes your companion (v10).
8. The altar around you and before you is torn down and you know it (10),

… BUT God has no left you know this there is an anointing you have to impart to another prophet who will rise up after you (16) … make that my friend your focus!  

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