Family Values

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Without community we becomes self aborbed, inward looking and bound by selfishness.
Without values we become disorientated and insecure unable to pursue a higher goal than those around us.
Without discipline we become foolish and lazy, chained to our own reasoning that causes us to break the rules when under stress and pressure.
Without family we loose a sense of brotherhood, responsibility and compassion.

This weekend with the fijians has proved to be eduational and indeed humbling. Brother Vuli after very little notice drove me two hours to our destination in Pembroke then went back home to pick up his wife and come back down again. No that’s what I call a “brother!”

Food was served all day long no charge was made. A model example to any church putting on an event. 

After a long day Pastor Nasa
noticed that Diana was tired, her mind was fixed on getting back home to
see to her responsibilities there, but to do that she would have to
drive through the night. He showed pastoral concern that was sincere and
fatherly and suggested that she should stay with the Fijians that night.
He arranged the room for herself and children which she accepted and as
a result was able to enjoy the relaxed singing and food that was

The Fijians love
the family and celebrate it. They are devoted to spending quality time
with each other and are therefore sensitive to each others needs more
than their own. Such humility and love make family life a value to be
regained and cherished. What we as Welsh people have lost, do a degree,
the Fijians have brought back, in style.

Thank you my Fijian friends.
We celebrate you!


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