Outlasting Adversity in Ministry


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Stay Strong When Ministry Gets Tough

If thou faint in the day of adversity thy strength is small (Proverbs 24:10)

helps us grow, in God and in character and also in our endevours. Adversity is a not a destroyer
but a conflicition of opposing values, which  when sorted out reap a handsome reward to the robust and diligent.

life we as humans tend to focus on things what we are building, rather
than who and what we are becoming. God therefore uses  adversity to set
the balance right and make us more than  able to do the task in the long

What we do during times of conflict determines what we
shall become when we emerge from it.  Take a look at how you react
during the struggle and you will see who you really are.

Take Criticism as a Compliment

criticism as a compliment. Take oposition as an
opportunity to evaluate your growth. Your critic unknown to him, is
paying you a compliment by making his views known. Rejoice!, your work
stirred something up even if it was his anger and disappointment in you.
Criticism proves you’re good at your work, even if your critic tells
you, “your junk!”

Criticism is valuable, without him you
may go broke. If on the other hand you dont want criticism hide, yes
hide, put your light under a barrel and hide. Then everyone will leave
you alone including the rogue critic

    “Your critic is valuable, don’t fear him rather reward him”

him, we all should employ a critic to help us see trouble. Make a new
friend out of him, after all, a critic will give you more attention than
many so called friends, who say nothing and never visit.

Welcome to new
friends online!

Accept the Lows to Navigate the Highs

Every career has its peaks and valleys. It’s supposed to! Peaks
help us celebrate
and enjoy the reward while the valleys help us realise what’s
unproductive and temporal. The bad times are necessary to find your way
the summit. Accept it! 


What’s gone right in your life is not because of the success you’ve made but
because of truth you’ve discovered, when you were in the hole.

Celebrate the hole, it will help you enjoy
the summit.

Be Enlarged By Those Around You

Godly friends provoke uncommon thinking and cause a man to experience the uncommon life. We all need godly friends.

    “Who are your core group thought leaders?”

If you’ve hit a brick wall it
may be partially due to the fact that you lack connection to thought
leaders around you. We all need provokers, leaders who challenge our
ideals and set us higher ones to get us out of life’s ruts.

    “If you want to do something of value build your value group and seek their minds on great ideas”


don’t quit because of a lack of talent rather they quit because of a lack of
value in what they are doing. They feel folks dont understand their
mission and  therefore.
hold over time a low value of their work

Value and meaning
go together, so too does valueless and pointless. Valueless becomes
pointless when appreciation is absent. If what I do has no value to either you or me
then it becomes pointless.

Having folks in our life who are value
contibutors add meaning to your work. They contribute ideas and more
than anything support you in difficult seasons.

Focus on the Oak tree

As a teenager I worked on a farm and went to
agricultural college. Ploughing was a part of my training. At one end of
the field would be a row of oak trees.  Our goal was to plough a
straight furrow and to do that we would have to keep our eyes fixed on the
oak trees

The principle is true in life and ministry. If you want your
work to stand out you have to keep your focus on the oak tree.

represents a preset goal. Don’t let the hardness of the ground deter
you, neither the struggle of ploughing a straight line. Let the oak tree
guide you and the one that planted it there before you came along!


ablity to handle the tuff stuff depends on whats of real value to you
and the price you are willing to pay to get to the incredible. 

God Hath Spoken

book of Hebrews reveals that the old in type feasts and shadows reveals
the Jesus in the New. Declaring that in both “God” has spoken! (Hebrews 1:1,2)

The Sanctified Pulpit

Mark the perfect man and behold the upright: for the end of that man is peace (Psalm 37:37)



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