Catch the Spirit of Revival


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A move of God not made by man but made by God.
A Revival in which God gets the glory and no man is made the star preacher.
A Revival where God touches the flesh changes the heart and makes known his person.
A Divine healing revival where the sick are healed. (Acts 4:30).
A deliverance revival where people are loosed from spirits of infirmity (Acts 5:12).
A Salvation Revival where folks are baptised in water and spirit (John 3:5 Acts 2:38 Acts 10:44-47).
A Jesus Revival where the name of Jesus is magnified (Acts 4:12).
A Restotration Revival where folks are restored and made whole (Acts 5).
A Dynamic Praise Revival of worship in spirit and in truth (Acts 5).
A Holy Ghost Revival where Jesus is preached and unashamedly declared as God. (Acts 4:9-12).
A Revival which is not religious but real. (Acts 1:3 Acts 5:1-6).
A Revival where the apostles doctrine is known and the same doctrine shakes the city (Acts 5:28).
A Revival where where many races get together and experience Pentecost. (Acts 2:1)
A prophetic encounter.
No gimmicks!
Just plain real!
I want that dont you?

How To Prepare For Revival.

1. Detemine to be a part of God’s move in your generation.
2. Put yoursef in neutral gear. Go as a seeker of Jesus.
3. First prayer, humble yourself.
4. Say Yes to God. Say Yes to truth.let God break down unbelief and a critical spirit
5. Dont go to spectate, Go to participate and recieve.

Who Are We.

Simple folks who love Jesus
From Fiji, Wales and West Indies.
Are we out to build a church. No! .. We are coming to build You.

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