Why is Saying “No” so Hard!

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Telemarkerters, they call frequently. Today I gave in and gave them some info because the lady the other side of the phone was polite and I can’t lie. So to tell her that I was busy would be wrong.

I regretted it later!

Saying “no” is powerful.
Saying “no” is often how we really feel. Saying “yes” when we are thinking “no” means we deceive, downgrade and dis-empower ourselves.
Saying “no” is easy (it’s one syllable shorter than yes).
We never regret saying “no” but have regretted saying “yes” many times’
Saying “no” is hard because it does not leave room to manoeuvre. That could be good.
“No” deals with the  an excessive amount of options we would otherwise grant ourselves and others had we not had it in us to say “no!”
“No” cuts out the trash that hinders us from making a good decision.
Saying “no” can save time, money and face.
Saying “no” can make more time in your day, so say “no” to ten percent of the things you’ve been saying “yes” to lately.
No wonder Jesus said, “let your ney be ney and your yes be yes anything more is evil!

Can I write more?



  1. Bishop O.W. Prince Avatar

    (LOL) I assume the lesson was learned.

  2. jusmeh Avatar

    I like this post Paul. Though I can’t agree with your statement: We never regret saying no but have regretted saying yes many times There have been a few times I have regretted saying no, albeit, they are much fewer than the times I have said yes. 🙂

  3. Desiray Avatar

    We all at times don’t like when they call but what I felt the Lord telling me to do one day was this, I had a very lovely young woman who called asking for donation for the campaign for our two leaders who are running the race of Presidency, and so I said to her I can’t donate at this moment because I am trying to get the Ministry in which the Lord has called me to. I than asked her did she know Jesus she said yes, but I took it a step further because we know many people will say they are Christians but they aren’t and so I said do you know the Trinity and are you living a lifestyle of Christ? She said no I am not, I than asked well my dear you said you was a Christian do you know what it means to live for Christ and she said no she did not know what it meant. And I began sharing with her what it meant, I guess about five minutes into it she said nice that she had to go and said have a good day.Now I know I planted a seed in her and so I said that is how I am going to witness to every telemarker for now on end..They have something they want to sell and I want to show them Jesus. AMENMu hubby heard me and he just shucked his head he could not believe I did what I did. But she is a soul and needs to know about Jesus.

  4. jelillie Avatar

    A good post Paul. My life coach often reminds me “Everything you say yes to means you are saying no to something else.” I have regretted saying no before, mostly because they were things I SHOULD have been doing. The problem is not the word “yes” or the word “no”. The problem is making sure those words are said on the right occasions.

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