What Do You Talk About All the Time?

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When you’ve spend years and years doing something you don’t need road maps, systems, strategies and boundaries, you have those things in you. You understand the subject backwards and forwards and backwards again. Online I have to get from A to B, from me to you.

It’s a bit like a radio announcer, he paints a picture of a wet and rainy day, red traffic lights on the road, putting your foot on the brake, traffic jams in key places, until you feel as a motorist you’re there with him.

It’s like that in ministry.

The challenge is to do it all the time!


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  1. Pastor Philip Roman Avatar

    Brother Paul, I like what you have said here. We as Christians, Pastor, Evangelists, Apostles, Prophets and Teachers need to paint the picture of Jesus by the way we act, move and live. Have a blessed day!

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