God Becoming Sin for Us!

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God made the law. man could not keep it. The law makes man a slave to things he cannot keep. No amount of law can make a man pure. No among of good deeds can make a man holy enough. If the law can save you why do you need a God?

“For he hath made him to be sin for us, who knew no sin ; that we might be made the righteousness of God in him

“.  (2 Cor 5:31). Laws and religious deeds cannot save you, Only God can save you. Laws cannot save us they just condemn us and make life a grind. Man has to be free. God had to satisfy his own law or else be a savage! How can God punish a man for keeping something that is impossible to keep? How can God hold man accountable to keeping laws that are designed to condemn?

The answer is not religion, but sacrifice!

God made himself, sin!

God shall provide “himself” a lamb. What kind of God would send a son to die when he was the one who created the law and expected all sons to obey it. The very thought is a joke! God did not expect a son to die. God himself  is capable of being a sacrifice and being the solution.

God “himself” became sin.

for us. He took on himself what we could never take on ourselves and so all sons might be free men. He did not put sin on a son, he became that Son and put sin upon himself!

The sin problem is dealt with, religion cannot save you. You are no more free today than you were before your religious days

Are you a free man?

Only in Christ are you free.

In Christ there is,

No more sin consciousness,

No man condemnation

No more guilt and shame

Walk in his righteousness today

He done it all for you!

That is why he’s God and you’re not

Your religion is not God, Jesus is God

Your religion cannot save you, Jesus saves!



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