Friends in a Changing World

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Today I went online and saw my friend from Texas, he’s an amazing man of God. One whom I respect and admire. I last saw him about five years ago maybe! He’s got grandchildren now, his ministry has gone worldwide he travels rather than just preaches locally and works with a large organisation

I thought on how things have changed. Deep in my heart I was thinking back to the time I visited him and we could just go to Starbucks and chat or just take a ride out-of-town and go to a conference. His world has changed and so has mine. In fact I’m in the UK with an elderly mom who came into my room this morning thanking God she was alive and praising him for a new day given to her. I too have one beautiful grandchild.

Our worlds and are changing for us individually, daily. I sit here, my kids live in a different  town, My Son working twenty miles away, Some of my bests friends, an ocean apart. I’m alone and not moving much in preaching these days.

In a changing world its good to know that we still keep our friends,  and while our worlds change our friends dont. Friends are a gift  from God and always will be. As my world changes my friend’s don’t. A friend is a friend for life, no matter how much his world changes he’s still my friend!


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