It’s Time to Use The Gifts of the Spirit

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Desire Spiritual Gifts  (1 Corinthians 13:1)

The gifts of the spirit are gifts God imparts to the believer that reveal the nature of Christ in us. Unlike talents and natural gifts these gifts are not what we are born with but what God gives us through his Spirit when we are born again. At our natural birth we have natural gifts, at our spiritual birth we have supernatural gifts.

Much of todays church has long since aborted such real manifestations and replaced them with human manifestations.    I’m sure you can list many of these. The difference between spiritual and human gifts is that spiritual gift’s cannot be done without God performing them in a person and secondly they are what humans cannot do in the flesh! Think of it the falling down craze, and laughter,  are just two things we all do naturally. I’m sure you can think of more.

I want to see the real thing dont you, book of Acts style, these gifts can’t be faked. If its in Acts its real, because what in Acts reveals the Acts of the Holy Ghost, God in apostolic men. Gifts such as healing of the sick, miracles that show God’s power, faith that pursues the extraordinary, tongues and tongues for interpretation, the discerning of spirits and the casting out of devils. The word of knowledge when human knowledge has no insight of events and happenings. The gift of tongues revealing that a person that has received God’s spirit in the new birth and displays it byspeaking in unknown languages as the Spirit gives utterance (See 1 Corinthians 12 and 14)

Some folks will tell you the gifts have gone, well for them they may have, but for us who believe, they are still here. Gift’s don’t die because their source, the Almighty Spirit of God cannot die. When you have spiritual gifts you talk as the spirit reveals, when you have no gifts you talk from the human intellect as your brain reveals.  The source is different. Its what Godly men do that natural men can never do.

People are deparate to see “God” in the congregation today.

The gifts are for believers only and are supernatural, that’s why we dont see many of them used today. They are the power of God in a man or woman and are given severally as he wills. (1 Cor 12:11 ). No church can attract people, only God can build his church and if there’s no power,  church is a no no to most and unattractive. The one thing it must have different to any other organisation on earth is God! which means power. Nothing else builds a church or attracts folks to it. Look at Acts. Everything about it is supernatural. My advice to anyone starting a church is this. Dont! unless you are endowed with God’s power, the evidence, the gifts of the Holy Ghost operating in your life.



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