Life in Christ, for The Rich only!

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Its no longer I that live but Christ that liveth in me (Galations 2:20).

I count all things but loss (Phil 3:8).

Do we place more emphasis on heaven than we do on the new birth?  Maybe heaven is more attractive than the new birth.  Maybe Heaven is more attractive  than the new birth because we don’t really understand what the new birth really is.

The New birth is not a makeover  its a a total transformation.

The new birth is not remodeling the old man and giving him religion. It’s the old man dying and him living a new life  in Christ

The New birth is not the old man getting religious and having new rules. The New birth is the New man getting Born of water and spirit and living in Christ. (John 3:5).

What do you mean “in Christ?”

In the world I get condemned, I get guilt, I become old, I suffer loss, I struggle for recognition, I want success, I must get stuff. In Christ the “I” has to die . This means “I” don’t have to get a life, I already have it. I don’t struggle for life I already got it. Life in Christ means I can’t add to my life by getting things, I can’t make me better by adding a title. I can’t become wealthier by having money. I can’t increase my status by getting recognition. I cant increase my Joy by winning Millions.  I cannot be happier if I lived in a Palace. You see, In Christ, I already have it all. Everything you can give me is a loss not a gain.

In Christ I can live life as its meant to be. In Christ I can love life and see that life does not consist in the abundance of “things.” My life now consistes in who I am in Christ.  Life is having such a value of Life in Christ that everything of earthly value looses its attraction.

I’m serious.

Life is not in what you can attract. Life is not in the abundance of things that a man has but what he is, in Christ. Which leads me to think only the poor want more and only the dead don’t have the life of Christ. When you see that things are uneccessary for life then you know the old man is buried and the new man is truly alive.

The Life in Christ, is for the rich only

Thats why I preach Jesus and not money how about you?


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