What Happens After Death?

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My mam and I was having a chat the other day about death. She told me she didn’t want to die yet, I sensed maybe she fears death a little so I told her as gently as I could, “Mam we need not fear death, It will be like going to sleep, when you are asleep you don’t know it, do you? You dream and the dream is a reality to you, you are not conscious of the fact that you are dreaming or sleeping!”

The bible tells us that as believers we are passed from death to life. The unbeliever’s (one’s who don’t have God’s Spirit)  have to pass from life to death. For us this is the beginning, for the unbeliever this is their ending. For us it gets better for them this is as good as it gets.

At baptism we are buried, and when we receive the Holy Ghost (God’s spirit) we have the spirit of resurrection. Without the spirit there is no resurrection of the dead. It’s the Spirit that gives us the life. So upon death the old body is buried and like our maker who too is Spirit we rise again unto newness of life in the next dimension and world.  Death then to us is an entrance not a final chapter and end of story. We don’t taste death we just go from this life into life everlasting.

Finally to the believer death is not a funeral its a homecoming, I like what I read the other day about a funeral down south, they call it “home goin.”  and Like the Texan preacher said,  “leaving ain’t that bad if ya got someplace to go!”


Tomorrow.. “The death of the righteous”

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    I’m all in favor of Texan preachers, my brother!

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