The First 5 Minutes of Preaching

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The first 5 minutes of your message

1. Dont say a Joke, It shows you are nervous or have nothing important to say
2. Read scriptures It shows what you value as your foundation
3. Give your title. Make it unique
4. Dont waffle, be clear, precise and measured
5. Start off slow build up rhythm (shows you have control)
6. Build up intensity, add a bit of feeling
7. Relax and be prepared, focused and ready for the big shift
8. Pace Yourself.
9. Preach like a king, you’re nothing less
10. Dont ask people to say “amen” “hallelujah” or nothing. If you got fire they’ll feel the heat!
11 Keep the drive alive and the soul engaged.
12. Get into revelation mode where God talks and you listen.
13. Impart something, Invest your best, then get ready to preach as if it was your last day before eternity.

Have a great Preach tomorrow, then  come back here and tell everyone your message.


  1. Yomi Olufiade Avatar

    Powerful! Thanks for sharing this,sir. Much love, always. Yomi

  2. Paul Avatar

    God bless you my friend have a mega “God” shaking day.

  3. pbus1 Avatar

    These are wonderful suggestions, Pastor Paul! And I do agree, very powerful! I have seen preachers select a topic that is really long. Sometimes making it difficult to remember. Do you think it’s important to keep the number of words used in a title, to a minimum? Paulette

  4. Tracy Grier Avatar

    Words of wisdom thank you for sharing!

  5. Paul Avatar

    Thank you Tracy, Preach as if youre the only one left on earth to do God’s job!

  6. powerfor2day Avatar

    Excellent Brother Paul!

  7. Paul Avatar

    The Lord bless you Dr Lee Ann, Great to see you here, I trust you are doing well. I’ll have to visit your Blog.BlessingsBrother Paul

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