Go to Church or Be the Church. The Question!

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I read a post this morning on Rick Alveys on ilife journey it read, “Dont go to Church be the church” I was wondering if that is a correct statement to make? This is a statement that I have heard from a few of my friends this last week, but are they right?

Here are my thoughts.
1. The church is God’s idea, he gave himself for the church
2. Going to church does not stop me being the church especially as I’m only there two hours on a sunday each week
3. I can share what I know with more people in a church than I can at McDonalds hence I go to church
4. Having church at Mcdonalds would not be practical. Having church in a building called “church” would
5. One who is the church cannot stop being the church because all who are born again are the church by nature
6. Do people who quit church become greater evangelists? My experience is that when a man quits going to church he becomes its critic, not its evangelist.
7. Jesus himself went to the temple as was his custom and there’s nothing wrong with custom
8. How often would you meet with 100 people 1000 people and do the same thing, if you did not have church?
9. If folks meet in a concert park for a concert and a stadium for a weekly football game why can’t we as believers unite in one place for church?
10. May I ask whats your solution for a crowd if we choose to abandon a building called a church.
11. Church builds community. Community exists because we have something to celebrate and something to fight for, without community we have isolation
12. Most folks who say don’t go to church be the church end up meeting others and having church, sooner or later
13. The church is good, you’re part of it.

May be the proponents of the “Be the church” message and I’m one of them should ask ourselves two questions, Why do we want to get out of a building, and secondly whats wrong with preaching that makes us stay at home?

Whats your thoughts?

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  1. kafkaesque777 Avatar

    When someone says that we can be the church ,i guess you’re supposed to take it as a duality.Just cause you go to church doesn’t mean that you should be finished with God for the week. For most people sadly the church ends up being the only time they slow down enough to connect with God. But the rest of the week,when you don’t go to church you’re supposed to keep God in your heart and maintain a real relationship with him. Going to church every Sunday is like getting an energy boost for the rest of the week……to keep up your faith life.

  2. Kurt Avatar

    Should be: Don’t JUST go to church, be the church as well. Not everything is an either/or situation.

  3. snowgood Avatar

    Mmm, the problem with “Church in a Building” is that it only caters for those who attend. I like your idea of Church in McDonalds, a neutral environment – even if the food is not necessarily to my liking.I know of several “Churches” that meet in Costa Coffee, and there they can connecxt with normal people who don’t speak in Church Jargon and come to face to face with real Christians who are part of The Lord’s ONE church.Like you say we don’t cease to be part of his Church when we step outside the building, and the Great Commission is so very clear, we are called to GO, rather than invite people to COME.

  4. Paul Avatar

    Hi snow good and thankyou for your input, yes we are called to go. I am presently writing an ebook “Go” fulfilling the mandate of God in global missions. Every BlessingPaul

  5. Paul Avatar

    Amen…I like that

  6. Paul Avatar

    Yes and those energy boosts, work! I cant really see us having church as good with the freedom that we do have anywhere else other than in a designated building which we call the church except for public places assigned to a specific purpose of having fellowship. Thanks for yor input odayPaul

  7. Desiray Avatar

    The bible clearly tells us we are not to forsake the assembling of the saints, My pastor said we are the church God says we are the church, many people don’t go to church and if the body of Christ does not act like the church the world will never know who we are. We are to be the salt of the earth…

  8. Paul Avatar

    Amen, The difference being our nature and Christ-like love for others. Blessings my Sister

  9. Holly Michael Avatar

    Paul, I find your thoughts on target and perhaps challenging for others. Good for you! One aspect, also of not going to the church that people forget is that we go to “Worship”..It’s more of a “I’m going to give of myself to God” than a “what am I going to get out of this place on Sunday, God?” I go to pray with others, to receive the Body and Blood of Christ, to offer myself to God and to be spiritually filled. We need to be the church, but never give up on the church. What does “remember the Sabath and keep it holy mean? Go to church. Right?

  10. Paul Avatar

    Hi Holly, I’m delghted to have you visit and comment on my blog, thankyou. I couldnt agree more. “Remember the sabbath day to keep it holy,” Good advice for todays stressed out society. Most folks need more rest not more to do on a day off! I like your thought of “I am going to give of myself to God” rather than “what am I going to get our of this place on Sunday.” Five days plus we live to get, one day of giving ourselves away is a smart way to live. Maybe empty churches reflect man’s poverty, and selfishness too. Most folks have too much to get and too little of themselves to give away, especially to God. Excuse my negativity, but its just a thought. Stay Incredible.Paul.

  11. Caddo Veil Avatar

    I’m sure it’s just aimed at folks who warm the pews on Sundays and think they’ve done their bit. There are plenty of believers who are unable to get out and “go to a church building”, but they faithfully attend online–and also fellowship and minister via the blogs. I feel extremely blessed to count myself among them–rejoice in the Lord!! God bless you, brother–love, sis Caddo (thanks for stopping by my place today!)

  12. Caddo Veil Avatar

    PS–Paul, I just added your link/name to my blogroll.

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