Are You “Big” Enough To Take on The World!

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Doing the small things don’t seem to require time, we naturally give the things we are supposed to do plenty of time, because they are part of our routine. The challenge however is to make time for the Big things, like the one big thing that could change your business, the one big thing that could make you money, the one big thing that could change everything. Making the time for  it is 90 percent of the reason why we don’t do big things. There again if we had all the time in the world we probably wouldn’t do the big things either.

Big! O yes let me define it. It’s not really BIG until what you have is so Big in you that you birth it naturally anyway, a bit like a baby in a mother’s womb, your dream however unlike a baby has to be a certain weight” or “size ” before its birthed.  Books have to be a certain size, Goals have to have certain amount of detail, Ministry plans have to have the right amount of prayer in order for there to be peace in you so you know when to move. Business plans and projects have to go through several development phrases before you can find whats profitable and what is absolutely useless.

Dreaming is not about doing, it’s about getting, yes getting big before you take it on. Which means you’re really not big enough to take on the world until you’re really too big for it!


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    Thank you for sharing, and God bless you.

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