Make the Big Step.. Master the Moment…

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The priests will carry the Ark of the LORD, the Lord of all the earth. As soon as their feet touch the water, the flow of water will be cut off upstream, and the river will stand up like a wall.” (Joshua 3:13 NLT)

Your step of faith will bring an open road for you and a No go road for your enemy.Your preparation is for this hour, God will honour your step into new waters and unchartered territory. Your obedience won’t go unrecognised, The Lord thy God is with you wherever you go and shall bring you awesome success (John 1:9).

God called this passing through as a doorway into the “rest!” That’s how God gives us rest, through open doors that demand new steps of rehearsed faith. Even the taking of the step is  a process of rest. A Rest from the hindrance of a thinking mind and reluctant spirit.

To conquer Jordan drown some stuff, drown your fears, drown your disappointments, drown your  unbelief, step into that which you fear and master you destiny If you are reluctant, then do this. Make the step you are about to take…. bigger!

Step into the stuff.

Its yours!


  1. Bishop O.W. Prince Avatar

    Thank you Minister Paul Thomas:I have received this as a direct message from Father God to me. I have recent experiences that have confirmed what is being proclaimed in scripture and expounded upon in your post. I am stepping into my rest and into my promise (Answered prayers and hearts desires).God be Praised!Hallelujah!!! bishop

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