13 Tuff Questions for You The Preacher.

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1. Is my stuff  removing a mountain or making one?
2. Am I a problem solver or a problem maker?
3. Am I on God’s agenda or my own personal fantasy?
4. Will my work outlast me or quit before me?
5. Will my message live through into eternity?
6. Am I known by my message or do folks know me and not my message?
7. Have I a message for the mess-age?
8. Can folks find my life’s work in a blog or is it hidden on Facebook?
9. Do my friends know me or know me by my legacy?
10. Is your stuff worth dying for if not let me know before I read it?
11. If your daily revelation is where you’re having coffee, you haven’t been in God’s word today!
12. Are you  shaking hell or is hell shaking you?
13. Where can I find your Life’s work?… O yes, your best work!

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You’re loved.

  1. jelillie Avatar

    Potent questions brother especially that last one! My best work? It must be seen reflected in the lives of those God has sent me to Pastor. May He enlarge my tent pegs.

  2. lamehousewife Avatar

    Excellent questions for reflection! I especially like the ones about moving mountains or making them and God’s agenda or my own fantasy…God bless, brother…

  3. Desiray Avatar

    Love the questions you have here…something many need to ponder on

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