How many Loaves have ye?

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He said unto them How many loaves have ye?”

From “man” the man from heaven. The living bread that fed the Israelites for forty years while they wandered. Now crowds in the desert which were hungry. He, The Lord, fed a multitude with five loaves and two fish and the scriptures say’s “they were all full” (Mark 6:42).

Secondly we know that the word “Manna” means “what is it?” Thats the question man asks when he’s hungry for something and he does not know what that something is. His hunger is for truth. Jesus is truth. If it’s not about him it’s not bread. If it’s not revelation of him we can listen to much and go home empty. I said all that to let you know I don’t need a sermon, I need manna. Show me the “man” and I’ll know it’s the bread!


  1. johnedoe Avatar

    good mornin, mr paul!!! how you doin!!!! your havin some fun today, aincha!!!!! good stuff!!! question, is there a direct and specific old testament significance concerning the bread and fishes? i haven’t looked it up yet, myself, but i have always “felt” that there is a really cool “key” in this story of feeding, other than what most have spoken about, does that make sense?i’m gonna ponder a bit,……toksoon

  2. Bishop O.W. Prince Avatar

    This is Profound! Thanks for the manna. – owp

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