Do You Live “in Christ” or as a Christian? (pt2)

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In 1 Corinthians 15:44-59 Paul refers to Christ as the second Adam the title reveals that He Jesus is the creator of the new human race. Something that has unique significance for if he is the Creator of the new human race then he must of necessity be the creator and beginner of indeed all the human race.

The first Adam a living soul, the second Adam, a quickening Spirit. which means we walk in another reality, another dimension with a changed conversation while others talk defeat we talk with confidence, while others talk negative we talk possibility. Its not something we try to do its something that is reborn in our nature

Let me illustrate I took a walk down the road this morning It was raining slightly. I saw this chap and said, “Good morning!” He said,  “I must be wicked all this wet weather!”
I replied, “No you’re not wicked, don’t belive that!”
He smiled then he said, “You watch it you might get killed crossing this road!”!
I smiled, I thought,  You might live,  too!

Why are folks so negative all that was on this guys mind this morning was bad weather, how wicked he was and how he was going to die?

My thoughts for the day was, I’m enjoying God, life and everything else including the rain. Now to him I’m weird. To God, I’m normal, I got news for the tribe of the unbelievers, weird is the new normal! In Christ we live, In Christ is the in thing!

We talk as men whose day is in Christ.
Our hopes are higher
Our tenacity is greater
Our will and drive to endure is stronger
Our smile is bigger
Our conversation is brighter
Our outlook helps us live longer

Paul said, “Its no longer “I” that lives but Christ that liveth in me!”
That’s my statement of faith!
I’m living from the inside out
How about you!


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