Do you Live “In Christ” or as a Christian?

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In 1 Corinthians 15:44-59 Paul refers to Christ as the second Adam the title reveals that He Jesus is the creator of the new human race. Something that has unique significance for if he is the Creator of the new human race then he must of necessity be the creator and beginner of indeed all the human race.

The first Adam a living soul, the second Adam, a quickening Spirit. Which tells me that the first time we were born we were born of blood, the second time we were born, we were born spiritual beings. Not only does he give us of his spirit but he is life and our life is in him. This opens up a whole new world of living. A life where we can live on another level in another dimension. Few get this understanding of Christianity. Of Course the term “Christianity” is a slightly deceptive label and has been distorted by our generation to mean any one of many, many, things. “Christlikness” is a more suitable term, for it denote a lifestyle rather than a religion.

We can start the process of change when we understand that Christlikeness is possible. We all like change and want to be different and grow in God, well the one’s that are born of God have already been changed. In a moment in a twinkling of an eye we were changed, Christ in you is already in existence, and what a thought too. God lives in me, God lives in You!

Notice what Paul says at the end of this scripture. “Therefore my beloved be ye steadfast, unmoveable, always abounding in the work of the Lord foreasmuch as ye know that your labor is not in vain in the Lord.” (v58). I must ask, Why do so many quit and give up on God? It’s because they think it’s all in vain and they can’t make it. Friend, the good news is this, you’ve already made it! You have already been changed. The biggest change was at the new birth where you came out of darkness and into light. Out of death and into his life. Out of being a natural man and into being made a spiritual man. You had a life in Adam now you have a new life in Christ. What a transformation, or at least it should be!

It must be,
It is!
It is a total life transformation!

May be the problem is not that Christainity is boring but rather we have yet to discover how to live in Christ, in this new dimension, in the spirit as a spiritual man. I believe if we knew how, we wouldnt be condemining ourselves half as much as we do we wouldnt be beating ourselves up about failure half as much as we do.

Dont quit, You cant! how can you quit “life!” Dont quit it, live it, prepare yourself to enter life in another dimension as a forgiven man rather than an old man a new man rather than a carnal man. Its different! Living as a “new creation” separated to God rather than a human being trying in the flesh to get right with God. It’s also about living in a dimension with grace and forgiveness rather than just existing as an “old man” by tring to live good and failing forever and a day.

How to live as a  new man in Christ, yet exist as a person in a physical and material world! Maybe we can talk on this tomorrow!


  1. worshipandswag Avatar

    What a profound message, bro Paul! I’m yet to understand what’s boring about Christianity. If we can spend hours watching Jersey Shore or some Idol show without complaining what about God? These shows sometimes don’t even edify the spirit! Living as a new creation…something to think about.

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