I believe in Prayer

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…   And O Yes I believe in prayer, mighty fervent, storming the gates kind of prayer. Pray that shakes and awakes, prayer that quietens the mind and arouses the heart, prayer that opens heavens and shuts down unbelief, prayer that makes you want to get in sync with God and out of sync with this world. Prayer that can’t be spoken unless it’s in the spirit and prayer thats not in the spirit unless it is spoken. Prayer that talks mysteries yet brings understanding. Prayer that opens my blind eyes to see whats invisible and understand what is possible. Prayer that looses my dumb tongue to talk to hard men and softens my hard heart to pray for poor men. Prayer that makes me rich when I’m broke, and broke when I’m rich. Prayer that hides me in the pulpit and gives me more pull when I’m in the  pit. Prayer that silences the old man in Adam and makes vocal the new man in Christ. That’s the “silence of prayer!” and when I get to this point I will realise prayer is the best thing a man can do this side of heaven.

No pretenses.

I believe in prayer!
Luke 18:1 James 5:17 Jude 20


  1. pbus1 Avatar

    Now that’s the kind of prayer that I’m talking about! Prayer that shifts the atmosphere, Praise God! Pastor Paul, what a word! What a word! God bless you! Paulette

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