Listening With Your Faith

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Jusmeh wrote and asked me to write a post on the thought. “Part of faith is being able to listen and not just talk (or pray!).” Visit Jusmeh. If you have something you would like me to respond to or write on. I’ll be delighted to help you.

… I was talking to a friend of mine the other day about prayer. He has a strong prayer life. He is Fijian and I have church with him and the brethren frequently, I admit I have never seen men pray like these before they are sincere and real.  They don’t just open in prayer before church they literally “open” the church with their prayers. If that all church was, right there we’ve had church.

In our discussion we talked how prayer can be of the flesh, yes of the flesh. Thinking that its our praying  that moves mountains and its our prayers that gets us favor with God and because we pray we can have a miracle ministry, but is this true? In my opinion miracles don’t come because of my prayers, miracles come because of my God!  If my praying gets the miracle then I can say, “I’ve a miracle ministry! but since God alone does miracles, then it not  because of my great prayer life but because of my Great God. Would’nt you agree.

Is this important, yes! because hearing God takes more faith than praying to God. We can beg God all we like but unless we trust him at his word prayer is not going to work. Lets face it, not all our prayers have been answered have they, but every time we have had a problem God always has a word for it.

Somtimes its easier to pray than accept truth, whats written, especially if God wants to align us in our believing or doctrine. We often overlook stuff God desires we deal with, then wonder why we are so provoked to pray and pray and pray. Maybe we should just adjust and adjust and readjust. To me when a man ignores truth, yet still expects God to answer his prayers, is pure folly. Good praying would be me adjusting my life, my re-adjusted life would then be the incense and prayer to God.Thats is what God is looking for when I pray. Transformation!

Secondly, silence is an act of faith. It takes more faith to hear God when nothing is going on for then God is into changing me rather than doing for me.  Prayer is a transformation not only a transaction. Prayer therefore becomes God changing me rather than giving me what I’m always asking him for.

If my prayer dont change me, is it prayer at All? I think not?

That’s why we need the silence!


Jusmeh.. I should do part 2 2moro

  1. Bishop O.W. Prince Avatar

    Ummm? Intetresting and thought provoking. I lke this. owp

  2. jusmeh Avatar

    I am so glad you wrote on this! I loved it too. Praying for a change, but not accepting what God has already given you is the definition of insanity! Surely there is a scripture on this Paul! 🙂

  3. pbus1 Avatar

    Awesome word, Pastor Paul! “Prayer is a transformation not only a transaction.” That is just so good, and so, so true! God bless you!Paulette

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