12 keys to Public Speaking

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1. Know your audience and the questions they ask and then solve their problem
2. Have empty pockets. Loose things make you fidget and are a distraction
3. Present yourself, dont excuse yourself. Never  say, “I’m not very good at this!” or “I’m nervous!”
4. Never say, “I wont keep you long!” (Why not sit straight back down then?).
5. Relax and pause then smile make yourself connectable and friendly
6. Start with a greeting.
7. Get to the point quickly avoid padding, avoid generalizing or assuming.
8. Forget clichés. If you use them, folks will thing you can’t think for yourself and you’ll bore your audience
9. Vary your pitch, refuse to keep your voice at one key.
10. Shouting is a sign of weakness and fear, not the anointing and strength
11. Be a story teller. Stories help folks to connect to the real you
12. Maintain eye contact but don’t stare and don’t move around too much and, enjoy yourself!

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  1. TSOTIA Avatar

    Great piece, especially the warning about not excusing oneself, which I think is alarmingly common.Let me add just one more: Know your subject.There is perhaps nothing as frustrating as having to sit under someone who is obviously struggling with the subject he is supposed to be educating the audience on. Research extensively each time you have to speak regardless of whether or not you are familiar with the topic.

  2. lbtk Avatar

    If someone can engage me in a story, I don’t care how long they talk. And when someone says “I won’t keep you long” it may mean that you’ll be there a while. These are all great ideas. They can easily translate to writing your blog as well. Especially the part about not assuming and generalizing. Great, useful post. Sandy

  3. Paul Avatar

    Thank you Sandy, I agree of they are interesting and the talk beneficial the time factor is immaterial. May be say “I wont keep you long” to quosh fears, which maybe our very own!

  4. mpcole Avatar

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