Is Jesus the only Good God?

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I am the good shepherd (Jesus) John 10:14.
Why do you call me good.. No one is good but God alone (Matt 19:17)
If God alone is Good and Jesus said he is the “good” shepherd, then Jesus must the be very God he was talking about! If Jesus was good then he had what all others do not have, the very nature and name of almighty God!
He is the only man who never lied,
The only man who never sinned,
The only man who never exaggerated
He is the only one who can forgive all men of sin
That makes him the only one who alone is “good!”

What Jesus was getting at here was those around him recognised him as good yet did not recognise him as God, the messiah in the flesh. God incarnated! How sad! Like many today they see him as a good man yet have no revelation of who it is that alone is good.. Jesus himself is the goodness of God and the God that is good.  he said,”He who has seen me has seen the father”

Jesus is the only good God!
Jesus is the only God!
No God but Jesus!


  1. Acep Aprilyana Avatar

    jesus is prophet, not god.

  2. Paul Avatar

    Hi Acep, Jesus is Jehovah. The God who has become our “salvation.” (Psalm 27:1) Only God can become man and die for us and become salvation. God cannot die for us unless he becomes sin, God cannot die for us unless he as a man takes on sin. Without God being both our sacrifice for sin and savior You and I are doommed to a lost eternity. No other god or prophet has died for you or me. Only one who has flesh and blood and is also God can die for us. Now to me this is great news. I cannot save myself, but I know that the eternal creator has paid the sin penalty for me. What a God! Our great God and saviour Jesus Christ, and yes he was a prophet too.Acep, thankyou for your comment today. Feel free to read my books on kindle which provide answers to many questions on this topic.and discuss this further below.RegardsPaulIsaiah 9:6 Isaiah 44:24 and Isaiah 45:7)

  3. Acep Aprilyana Avatar if the grammer is bad.your salvation, not mine.there is only one God, ALLAH and MUHAMMAD is ALLAH Prophet. Salammualaikum. 🙂

  4. Paul Avatar

    Hi Acep, Well I would say the same about Jesus, my God. The Koran tells us to look to the book that came before it. (Sura 3:3) This shows us the prophet that came before Muhammed. and the law that came before Islam. both point to the God that was before Allah. Mohammad had sin (Surah 47:19) Jesus had no sin. Hence Jesus alone is holy and only God is holy. Muhammed did not know what would happen after his death (Surah 46:9) Jesus conquered death and knew what woudl come after it. Only God can conquer death and then give you and I the benefits which is eternal life. something muhammad never had. Thats why I believe in a God that has life and all power. If you were to call on Jesus seeking to know him, he will come to you, and show himsef to you. Mohammad can never come to you. Which shows Jesus is alive and muhammad dead. Jesus therefore must be God! Only God can come back from the dead and only God can save you and I.Muhammed and Allah will not save me, I’m a Christian. But Jesus will save a muslim, Jesus will save anyone and give them his spirit, Why he’s bigger than religion because he’s God. With regards and thank you for having the guts I wish more Muslims were like you and come and talk like a man as you are. Paul

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