Why do we Connect

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The web opens up a door to communicate, if all we do is connect what’s the point of the web?
If you can master the skills of being a cyberevangelist (marketer) in both business and ministry, then what you do online can be a purposeful pursuit. Anything else is entertainment. All we do as a replacement is become entertained online as opposed to being entertained offline. So we have a choice. Evangelise professionally or enjoy the entertainment.
Maybe both!

  1. Desiray Avatar

    You asked a good question and I can’t speak for everyone but only for me, I evangelize in my city in my community by witnessing to people about Jesus. I use the internet to do the same thing…I never was one for those who love to just entertain because doing God’s work is not entertainment it’s Ministry for the Kingdom

  2. Cindy Hill Avatar
    Cindy Hill

    This is a good topic, it has much to communicate. It is our responsiblity to go to the ends of the earth sharing the good news!!!! We all have our circle of friends to reach, I have connected to old friends and school classmates recently thru facebook and are praying with them thru this forum. Its great to hear praise report thru faith connection, theres no limit with God!!!!!!

  3. Paul Avatar

    Amen Cindy You are sowing and reaping among multitudes…what a harvest field and God given opportunity, we never had just a few years ago. I think that’s mad, in the true sense of the word of course. Thanks for the comment today and visit… stay amazing…Paul

  4. Paul Avatar

    Amen Desiray….the kingdom purpose behind the work..thats it!

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