O No.. It’s Not the End of The World!

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It won’t end and here’s why. God is eternal and whatever he create’s, lasts forever. Since Neither God nor his creation is going to be extinct, here’s to the world in 2013… enjoy you day, plan long term. When 2013 comes around, by God’s grace I’ll still be here, which of course the false prophets hope they won’t, that way you won’t be able to hold them accountable for their false theories and deceptive preaching. You may say Paul I want bible scriptures. OK, I could give it, seriously! but there again I rather stretch your faith and ask, Did God create this world or didn’t he…?


  1. Pastor Philip Roman Avatar

    Yep! God created it and He knows how to deal with it. The end will come one day but no one will know the day or hour. I like what the Bible says about the end. It will come when the gospel has been preached in all the world. But no one will know it. We’re still here so we better get out there and preach the gospel to more people in the world.

  2. isaveumore123 Avatar

    Heritage and lineage are words unfamiliar to the escapists. We have a long and healthy life here on earth as God prospers us. I will indeed die someday and that will end my walk on this earth but this earth will continue to replenish itself as God created it to do. Blessings and long life my friend.

  3. Bird Avatar

    I agree with Pastor Philip Roman. It will end, but we should be living each day for the Lord, not setting dates. Cool post.

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