Dreamers or Consumers?

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The Walmartization of the American dream! Buy at Wal Mart! Everyone shops at Wal-Mart, because everyone can get what everyone needs at a price everyone can afford. The consumer and the dreamer are both alike in todays America, the dreamer has the consumer attitude,  “I want more for less!”

Dreamers today do what shoppers have done for years, when they want something, they want it, at a price they can afford to pay. Which tell’s us that the cost is more important than the product,  a high price is not what he wants to pay as long as he has, what he wants, then he’s a happy shopper.  However, the problem with “cheap” is that the dream is still possible but its far less valuable. You can only define the dream by the cost and if it dont cost you all you’ve got, its not really a dream at all. Affordable is possible, but “affordable” no longer defines a dream. The price has changed, It will cost you everything. Whats the price of everything? All youve got!  Only then can a dream be of real value. The dream will never come at your price, it comes at a price you least expect to pay and will cost you all you’ve got. Get used to it! those that do, will move hard enough to get it and pay all they got to own it. All others will shop at Wall-Mart!

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    That is so true Bro Paul. Wow I love your analogy of the Walmartization of a dream. Want more for less isn’t how we should be since Jesus bought us at a high price because we were worth it to our Lord. We must prize the great commission at the same price as Jesus did for us. However, people prefer discounts…and we seem to be living in a discount-mentality type of world because we don’t want to give it our all. Retail is not the in thing…but I say buy at full price because that is how much it is worth. Amen Bro Paul. Lovin’ this!Sherline 😀

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