Shopping for “God” On a Saturday Morning.

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“Perception!” Why do some types of information reach awareness and others don’t! Why are some blogs celebrated and others not? Why we don’t recognise a TGI fridays until we are hungry, why we don’t take notice of the 50 percent discount until we are broke. The marketing world calls it “selective exposure.”

In the faith world, our Christian life, awareness works the same, our perception comes from awareness of a thing. so does our doctrinal beliefs.  If I’m sick and need healing I’m more likely to search for a solution. If I’m broke, I’m more likely to ask question God about money. If I’m a Baptist and need more power I’ll read about pentecost. If I’m a pentecostal and need to know more of God inperson, I’ll read Isaiah and the prophets. My perception determines what I will look at, go for, buy or take on board. My awareness grows to my need and without the need the thing I see wont even be recognised.

Let me get personal.  I began to believe in One God because the teaching of three co-equal persons did not make any sense and brought confusement to my mind and understanding.  Since I could not explain the God I believed in clearly, intelligently and biblically and a Muslim could! I had to face the facts! I can’t explain God so I must not know God! So I set out to understand him so I could explain him. Being an evangelist that’s important to me. If I can’t explain my God why should you listen to me? The result, I got what I went looking for.

Your perception is the result of your hunger. Why someone knows what you don’t is down to one thing, their ability to get what you may not want to see! But friend, why miss the offer of a lifetime?  God is not on discount offer but the price for truth has just gone up.  In case you hadn’t noticed!


  1. Bishop O.W. Prince Avatar

    Amen… I hunger greedily for Christ. Thanks Paul. Good insightful stuff. owp

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