Those in Government Need a Song!

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When wilt thou come to me (v2) Charles Spurgeon tells us that this Psalm a Psalm of king David was the “mirror for magistrates.” When George Villiers became prime minister, of King James Lord Bacon in a letter of advice counselled him to take this psalm for his rule in the promotion of courtiers.  David as a king himself knew the power of Godly principles. “I will walk in my house with a perfect heart” (v3)  “Whoso privly slandereth his neighbor him will I cut off”  (v5) “There shall no deceitful persons dwell in my house  they that dwell with me they that walk in a perfect way shall serve me” (6) “He that worketh deceit shall not dwell in my house” (v7).

With todays judges and political leaders unable to judge right from wrong, and uphold righteousness in government and legal domains, they would do well to adhere to King David’s principles and apply them to their decision making in all manner of common and civil laws. David himself as a king had his people rejoicing, he himself celebrated justice and freedom and he done it with a song for he said, “I will sing of thy mercy and judgement” (v1).  Mercy and judgement, pillars in society, pillars in the legal system, pillars in government. Israel had its pillars and it conquered nations and knew God’s hand of blessing on its ways.

When a man can uphold truth he can sing, yes sing!
When the king has a song the land rejoices!
When was the last time you heard about a singing queen, king or president or judge?


  1. nightshade130 Avatar

    We are definitely on the same wave-length Bro Paul! Sherline 😀

  2. johnedoe Avatar

    i don’t know about the “singing” part, but i heard bill clinton play his saxophone. does that count??? and i got a kwik question,…any idea who president obamas christian adviser is???

  3. worshipandswag Avatar

    Woot! I sure can’t wait for the day I hear a political leader say “Praise the Lord, saints! I had a wonderful time last night in the presence of the Lord!” What a day that would be, haha! 🙂

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