Enlargement …Are You Growable?

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We want to make it Big! the trouble with vision is that it maybe bigger than you. Here’s a test do you get aggravated by other peoples lack of insight when they cannot see things like you? Does that bother you! Maybe have other ideas, a different perspective, another agenda or doctrine. Maybe “bigness” then is not for you. Maybe “insight” would be better! Insight is different to outlook. Insight makes me look at me. When I do that I ask, Am I good at communicating or bad?  Do I talk down, do I come across as condescending? Do I  appear to be a know all? Outlook on the other hand sees only what I can do without changing who I really am. Maybe the question I need to ask is not, do I need a bigger vision but how can I change me in order to enlarge you. When I get this answer my vision is pre-enlarged for me.


  1. Desiray Avatar

    Only thing I can say is this if we aren’t then we need to be..

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