Get Rid of the Dust

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What woman having ten silver coins if she looses one coin does not light a lamp sweep the house and search carefully until she finds it (Luke 15: 8)
Dust, we’ve all lived with “dust!”
The aftermath of a divorce
Haunting words of past mistakes
Failure that reminds us not to try again
The words of other’s who said you can’t
It covers up the real stuff we should be looking for. The coin that’s of value
Ideas that you could bring into existence, business plans you could birth that would make you wealthy. Jobs you could take on if you just quit saying “no” and “I can’t!” Books you could write if you just belived in you! A companion that could be yours if you just took the time to get acquainted and pass through uncertainty.

Dust is just a cover up, face the reality!
Dust is moveable. Your gift is permanent.


  1. Pastor Philip Roman Avatar

    Good word! It’s time for the dust to be removed…

  2. johnedoe Avatar

    Good old dust, huh paul??? I have been writing a thing about dust as well,…I really enjoy pondering the many different thoughts and tidbits of and in the bible. everything written about in the bible has some kind of truth to it. I see these tidbits as to be meant to be encouraging to us all. but,…I think that view is up to each of our individual discretion. what I mean is, we have to want to see these things as encouraging. “lifting” us “up” when we view them spiritually,….and “pulling/weighing” us “down”, when we view them “carnally.”much as in the conversation which jesus had with nicodemus. nicodemus was viewing spiritual things carnally…… made a comment in your post which I totally understand,…but even then,…speaking for myself,…I’d like to offer my two cents worth. you had said,….if we believe in our “self”, just think of the books we could write. (my loose quote, lol)Where I am now in my life…I am letting it sink in “completely” that I have absolutely “no confidence in my,…self.” in having “only” confidence in God/Jesus,…then this is when I (can “truth”fully) write books pertaining to faith (spiritual things) in an accurate and “undefiled/un-perverted” manner,….meaning,…in the dying to my flesh (my human opinions and attitudes) then this is, not only when, but also “how” I am able to have “confidence in Jesus”,…not in,…my,,…there you go, paul!!! lol…….you know,…I “think” that actually made scriptural sense???? or,…maybe not……lolI hope you read my post about dust…….have a good one!!!!!!

  3. Bishop O.W. Prince Avatar

    Amen! “Dust is moveable. Your gift is permanent..”

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