Why Women Make Good Prophets and Men Make Good Apostles

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..allow me to be lighthearted for a moment!  Team work makes the dream work, so they say!  The men in God’s book were builders. They built temples, tribes, tabernacles, walls, and the church. Men are builders. Men as kids, built with lego, build dens in trees, and made gym equipment out of wooden benches and used bricks for weights. Men like to build. When building a thing, men hate being told they are wrong, so building to “plan and pattern” is essential to them, however they don’t like reading instructions and that’s where they could go wrong. We build something for the fun of it! It might collapse tomorrow but our ego is enlarged when we build!

Women however, make better prophet’s or should I say prophetess, because women like the “details,” and could help us get things right when building. Men however don’t like taking advice, because that would be admitting we don’t know something! What’s more women know about timing and when to build! Men build when they are broke, bancrupt and have no congregation, women simply, dont build! Timing comes naturally to women and comes from their menstrual cycle. They have timing in their “blood!” Men can get the prophetic wrong, they will predict the “end of the world” and never repent when they are wrong, women , simply, never predict the end of the world! Which may be reason enough to advocate women prophets in your church. Let the men take care of the building!

Well Pastor if you’re thinking of building a church, ask the wife first! she’ll tell you if the world is going to end. If you build it without her insight your world might end sooner than you think.

Just thinking for a change!

  1. jusmeh Avatar

    One of my favourite builders in the Bible is Noah. He was directed by God, but I wonder if the women in his family had much to say about the timing?

  2. nightshade130 Avatar

    lol Bro Paul, I enjoy the encouragement and advocacy. I agree I agree! I find though that it doesn’t matter whether you’re a male or female operating in the prophetic anointing/calling, people tend to fear them regardless because they don’t understand the purpose of a prophet/prophetess who hears from God. Prophets/Prophetesses shouldn’t be feared and yet that is the cross they bear regardless because that calling isn’t a joke and when such are submitted under authority that supresses the voice of the prophetic…it grieves them because it’s like shutting up the voice of God when it is needed to edify the Church. That’s why the Apostolic is important in that it functions to not hinder them (The prophets/prophetesses) and rather encourage them, because it can be a lonely calling since they are so easily misunderstood and feared for the wrong reasons. They are the watchmen at the gates.Sherline 😀

  3. Bird Avatar

    I really liked this!!

  4. Pastor Philip Roman Avatar

    Good word. There is a lot of truth in this. Most men are short in details and most women are needing the greater details. It has helped our marriage and ministry for me to be more detailed. My wife and I work hand and hand on altar calls and we sometimes tag team preach. I love it when we work together! Together we compliment each other! Thank you Paul for thinking. Be blessed!

  5. changedbyhim0510 Avatar

    Haha… very good. We know that men will get to heaven before women because Rev. 8:1 says that there was silence in heaven for the space of half an hour 🙂

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