Prophetic Women Have It All Together!

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Judges 4…. For women who want more….

1. God’s Prophetic Woman finds peace in her Jesus not through her ministry. Deborah was under the palm tree (Anointing) (Judges 4:5)
2. God’s prophetic woman hates evil in her city and does something about it (V2)
3. God’s prophetic woman can work with strong men and not feel intimidated (4:6)
4. God’s prophetic woman can arouse to battle when men fail to be Christlike and Lead (4:7)
God’s prophetic woman knows whats her’s even when a man does not know what’s his. (v9)
6. God’s prophetic woman can pull it all together (4:10 )
7. God’s prophetic woman can ask for it! (4:9 )
8. God’s prophetic woman can command men who are taking a back seat to “get up” and take a front seat (4:14)
9. God’s prophetic woman has a sense of timing dates and events that men often miss (4:14)
10. God’s prophetic woman always carry a prophetic Song (5:1).


  1. yourbasicchristian Avatar

    Amen! The story of Deborah reminds me that God can use ANY life to spread the good news of the Gospel!

  2. Paul Avatar

    Amen my Sister thats true. All we need is a heart after God’s Heart and a passion to become like him, then God will unlock the gift, talent and ability wthin. Have a fabulous weekendpaul

  3. Desiray Avatar

    Lovely list you have here my friend a woman who is serious about her relationship with Jesus will do what God says no matter what the cost will be..

  4. Paul Avatar

    Thank you Desiray.. Yes theres a cost for following the Lord. Of course I cannot see things as a woman but try to give some insight as a man into a womans world… which sounds a bit crazy lol

  5. lamehousewife Avatar

    Beautiful…and thank you!

  6. Paul Avatar

    The Lord bless you in amazing way today my Sister….Paul

  7. jusmeh Avatar

    Hi Paul. I have awarded your blog with the “One Lovely Blog” award. Check it out here:

  8. MiMi Atkins Avatar

    I needed this so much. Thanks for posting this. I needed something to read and strengthen my spirit and this is IT! I have been away from blogging for months but today I came right on time! Thanks for letting God use you@

  9. tracygrierministries Avatar

    Brother Paul, the list you have listed is something every woman of God should have going on, thank you for bringing this to my attention:)

  10. Paul Avatar

    I rejoice with you my sister…God’s word is strength to our bones. yes go for it, I look forward to reading your blogs

  11. Paul Avatar

    Thankyou kindly…

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  13. The Blazing Trail Avatar

    A unique woman this one!I love the song part!

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