The World Knoweth Us Not

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Therefore the world knoweth us not because they knew not him ( 1 John 3:1).
Where is thy Father? …… if you had known me you should have known my father also ….they understood not that he spake to them of the Father ( John 8:19,27)

The world knows us by our old nature, the flesh, the old you, they don’t know us in Christ! No wonder they did not know Jesus as their Father. The one whom the prophets has said, he will come to us and save us. They saw his flesh and thought, “God can’t have flesh like you have, you being not yet 50 and yet you claim to have seen Abraham!” (John 8;57)!”

May we like the pharisees, still judge him after the flesh! (John 8:15).

Like Jesus, I don’t really know him until I know him after the Spirit. Similarly I could say I don’t really know you until I know you after the Spirit and the reason is this, you are Spirit! So think of this. If I see the Holy Ghost as “another” then I don’t really know Jesus at all!

How do we know one another? After the spirit, not after our works, blogs, videos, the things that the flesh does, that’s me! No. Your life ( the real you) is hid behind this flesh, in Christ, it is the reason why this flesh hides the potential. The flesh holds back omnipresency. The flesh limits us to what we see do, hear, smell, see and touch. You can’t judge me on what I do. In fact you don’t know me at all by what I do. I could die for you that does not mean I am the savior! The only way you can know me is after my spirit.

Only as recreated man and “in Christ” can we know each other as we really are! Only in Christ can we live as a super creation. Only in Christ can we do what others cannot do. Only in Christ can we live life beyond this life. Only in Christ can we go beyond boundaries, overcome normality, live big in a small world and shine bright in a dark corner. Just as God was hid in Christ our life too is hid in Christ. If we really knew each other after the spirit, we would celebrate each other rather than crucify each other, we see each others gift from God as God themselves coming down to earth… you are God’s gift to me… That’s shouting talk, right there! ..

Just imagine if religious folks could see Jesus as God, and not as a mere son…. That very thought, changed my world and walk with God. I refuse to ask him, where is your Father? Since now I know him in the Spirit, I know him as my Father, God himself!

My father is spirit, Son in his humanity spirit in his omnipresency. Yes “God” is Spirit (Jn 4:24 ) and so are you “spirit”… Show me your father! That’s what the world want’ s to see in us, the Father! You like Jesus are here to show us the Father!

The world knoweth us not!


(Dont judge me by my feeble attempt to say something, judge me by whom I am. Listen to some great audio on SOUNDCLOUD or paulbthomas for my God Notes in audio format).

  1. nightshade130 Avatar

    This is some awesome stuff today. And how is it that we still judge others by their outwardly appearance when God always looks at our beating hearts? To get at the heart of a matter we must focus on the spirit of the matter. Therefore, when we see each other we must see ourselves more in terms of how we are spiritually rather than physically. Because the fruit of our hearts is born of the spirit. God helps us to understand Him through the Holy Spirit and likewise we must do the same and understand each other by discerning the spirit of a person. Our flesh is corruptible but when we are in Christ, we die to the flesh and are born of the Spirit so we can only understand each other in the same way. That is why we learn to walk and talk in the Spirit and not in the flesh. Our new creation is Spirit led and not flesh driven. Awesome word Bro Paul. Stay blessed my friend Sherline 😀

  2. Bishop O.W. Prince Avatar

    Thank You my Brother for a Sure Word of Truth & Power.The world knows us by our old nature, the flesh, the old you, they dont know us in Christ… Only as recreated man and in Christ can we know each other as we really are!I have often told newly born-again believers that they have to get to know themselves anew because they are now NEW creature in Christ and the old person that they were familiar with no longer exists. And if they are discovering themselves in the infancy of their new birth, dont be surprised when your friends and relatives dont recognize you either. This is normal, especially since the unsaved cannot begin to comprehend the glorious revelations that are only made known to Gods Children by the Holy Spirit. As our Father is a mystery to the children of the world so are we.Great and awesome revelation my brother. Keep Looking Up!

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