The Preacher Who Disturbed The City…

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and all the city was disturbed…. and the people ran together seized paul, and dragged him out of the temple and immediately the doors were shut… Now as they were seeking to kill him…(Acts 21:30) ….   And when they had given him permission..  he spoke to the people (V40)
” The great revivals yet to be seen will come from those who step out with a different message, a message that angers the confortable, challenges the complacent, rouses up the jealous and makes mad the religious.  The true revivalist, speaks out and cites are disturbed!….What your haters dont know is that God is about to use them to promote you, just because you’ve been loyal with a message that was his. Sooner or later your enemy has to take the back seat, and you’re the one on stage! Here’s the key:  “If you can stand for truth when its uncomfortable, God will use your enemy to give you a platform….

  1. Dennis Munn Avatar

    My father used to say, “Every place the Apostle Paul went he had revival or a riot. Sometimes both.” My experience (which I freely admit isn’t definitive) has proven this to be generally true…while obviously not to the extremes St. Paul experienced. Still, a genuine move of God is a costly thing on many levels.

  2. pbus1 Avatar

    Preach, Pastor Paul!! Lord, send a revival, and let it begin in me! God bless you!Paulette

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