Build Your “Dream” Blueprint

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Building a ministry, service or business need not be so frightening. Consider making a “blueprint” a simply one that defines your core focus and weekly routine. Heres how! Make a list that shows:-

1. What is possible? Go beyond the obvious, exaggerate if you must. You can redefine as you go. Write it down. Dont read the next step until you write it down!
2. What Will you change for others? Notice I didn’t ask what will change for you. When others look at you they can say he, she can do this for me. That’s your USP “Unique selling point.” If its unique folks will go to you for answers and not another. Now write down what you can change for others
3. What do you want others to do? That’s too simple yet most of us find it hard to ask people to do the one thing we really would like them to do, like buy a book, tweet our blogs, make a back link to our page, join our group, consider becoming a partner, You get my point! write that down too. then make it visible on your blog. Now you have a blue print for an online ministry,

Just  one more step… add the detail as you go along.


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