Up-beat or Beaten-up?

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To encourage is to provoke hope in another when he or she has little or no hope. To encourage is to make something come alive that was dormant or  lifeless until you spoke to it. Think of encouragement as “empowerment.” A word in season, a “can do” word!  All some folks need is a little encouragement.  When we encourage we transfer faith and courage, yes courage comes from en-couragement. The most courageous folks on planet earth are not those with guts but those who have been encouraged by simple words.
So, instead of being “beat up” be “up beat.” how?…by encouraging another….
So, put courage into someone’s day
Put fire into someone’s soul
Put life into someone’s dreams.
Put hope where there has been unbelief and fear

Encourage five people today and if you’re living in the back of timbaktwo all alone, you God and the dog…… Encourage yourself!

  1. Yomi Olufiade Avatar

    Amen! I’m encouraged by this. And will go do the same for others! thanks for reminding me again about this. God bless you,sir!

  2. Bishop O.W. Prince Avatar

    To encourage someone can be a rewarding ministry with immediate and measurable feedback. This is something we all can do and be encouraged by doing it. Great advice for all Christians. Thanks for the Word Paul. (1 Thessalonians 5:11)ow prince

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