Go Tell the Devil, I’m Getting my Freshness Back..

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Deuteronomy 4:25 When thou shalt beget children and children’s children and ye have remained long in the land and shall corrupt yourselves and make a graven image or the likeness of a thing and shall do evil in the sight of the Lord to provoke him to anger.  Moffatts translation tells us “if you are not careful after you have been in the land four generations you are going to lose your freshness

As a travelling missionary I’ve worked and preached in several denominations. I’ve discovered that most folks when they are born into a church stay in that place until the day they die. Those born Methodists stay Methodists, those born Anglican stay Anglicans, those born Baptist’s stay Baptist. Most folks never question the door they were born into neither do they challenge those that taught them from birth about truth, until they lose something, their “Freshness”  Then it becomes a matter of go or stay, join another church or forget the whole religious thing!

What does one needs to do when one gets “stale?” I use that word “stale” because it suggests “bread.” If one has the bread of life then truth is always fresh to you. Its like fresh bread in the morning “manna” always comes early! If whats spoken is not fresh to you then there are seducing spirit’s present in the  mixture!  First you have to deal with the mixture, idols, yes idols in your faith. You have to ask questions about the door, truth, doctrine and let’s be frank how many of us have questioned and challenged our own beliefs. yet we grumble complain and pray for ever as to why we are dry, barren and need freshness!

The danger of being in a place long enough is that we begin to accept that which was once forbidden.  So, If you’ve lost your freshness, it’s a sign of idolatry. Truth mixed with error makes a man weak. Men who lack fire dont need revival they need  doctrinal realignment. Doctrine is the ingredients of our faith that revival comes from, what we know and believe. So doctrine comes first. Dont blame God for the lack of bread, deal with the idol! God wont set you on fire if your doctrine is up the creek. Deal with the religious idols first, doctrines that are not apostolic but rather are ecumenical and man-made to suit an organisation and tradition. So, If you want to have revival you are going to have to deal with the mixture first.

The lack of revival is an” idol” thing. We need an idol demolishing day beginning with every false doctrine.  Of course, that takes guts, It just depends on how hungry you are for the real bread!

As for me. I’m staying fresh!
Tell the devil, “I’m staying fresh!…”
Declare to principalities and powers,
I’m coming out of my desert
I’m getting my fire back
I’m getting my power back
I’m getting my joy back
Im going for the bread that has life
…….I’m getting my freshness back!


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