Trash in The Well

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Now the Philistines had stopped up all the wells,  which his fathers servants had dug…and they had filled them with earth (Genesis 26:15) And they dug another well (v21)   In bible days wells were a source of life for man and his livestock. The way a Philistine could destroy a man and his family was to take out the well. Today those wells represent our lives, our daily lives. Fill them with earth. information, opinion, bad news, negative junk and then we get to wonder why our days are unfulfilled and our lives are empty. We may even fill our own wells with the very thing that poisons us, news, views, opinions, criticisms, dogma and junk. We have after all so much of everything yet so little of the very one thing  Jesus calls LIFE.

Its time to clean out our wells.

Jesus once told a woman that the water he had to offer would satisfy her thirst and that she would never thirst again. (John 4:10) That water is the Spirit of almighty God. Today if you have a clogged up well, go for a walk in the country, talk to God, ask him to take out the trash from your well and then like Isaac dig another well. Then ask God to fill you with his Spirit, he will!

NB A fellow blogger send me a response yesterday to a post I had written he told me a testimony of how he dealt with trash in his well. He gave me the title for this post, You can visit him and read his unique story on you John.

  1. jelillie Avatar

    This is an awesome word Paul! At a recent personal development training I was reminded that the enemy of the best is the good. I have been struggling with giving up some things which are good and fun but which are clogging up my well and my time. God was speaking to me about them again this morning and your post here confirms that they must go so that I can go to the next level!

  2. Bishop O.W. Prince Avatar

    Thanks. I am cleaning out my well as I write and I am prepatring to dig a new fresh one immediately. OW Prince

  3. Bishop O.W. Prince Avatar

    Oops. I forget to tell you that I’ve shared this on my FaceBook wall and in the Bible Sholarts group. Thanks!

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