Turning Pressure into Prayer

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… could ye not watch with me one hour (Matthew 26:40).
When the pressure comes and you sense  frustration coming your way, pray! Praying is mastering your inner man and talking dominion over that which is on the outside. Praying is placing you in charge and God in control.  It’s shows how big you are and makes a spiritual statement, “the arena the devil is fighting me over is now mine to own and control! Prayer shows that what’s in the spirit is now yours.  If you can pray over unseen things you can give birth to stuff that others call “impossible.” Pressure is the protocol of ownership, its how warriors obtain promises. Praying men  obtain things through pressure that’s turned into prayer. If you feel pressure coming today rejoice, you’re about to become an owner,  maybe like Jesus, a “land possessor” too.


  1. nightshade130 Avatar

    Amen Bro Paul. Intercessors have to press on even during season of intense discouragement. We can only see hope at the end of the tunnel when we pray without ceasing. God bless you.Sherline 😀

  2. Paul Avatar

    Amen, so true. Trust you are doing well and on the improve.

  3. Bishop O.W. Prince Avatar

    Great Perspective. Thanks.

  4. johnedoe Avatar

    I DIG WHAT YOU JUST WROTE!!!!!! just last night i had gone for a walk down the side of the river,….there is a dirt road where one can walk for miles,…the moon was reflecting off of the water,….it was very nice. but it wasn’t very nice “when” i got there??? why??? i had “trash” in my well. there is an old testament story that you may know much better than myself about a well which produced the greatest water anywhere, but,…it fell target for the enemies of those who “dug/owned/had right to” the well,….once “captured” the enemy “poisoned” the well……with all kinds of vile things,…anyway,….the people, when getting the “well back”, were traumatized that it was and had been so intentionally polluted!depressed, anxious, worried, thirsty,…etc,etc,….until, long story short,….God told em,….hey, (stupid, which is how He talks to me sometime!) ……why don’t you quit complaining and CLEAN OUT THE WELL???!!!!!!!!!!!!through their faith, no matter what level of faith,..and through their “obedience to God’s leading/urging/,…”command/suggestion”…they took action,…and,….presto!!!!!!!……great waters were “then” able to flow forth unpolluted again!!!!!………..funny thing is, to me, this,…..God reminded them that they actually had “common sense.”it would have been so obvious, but they were blinded by too many things! so,….along with my praying last night as i walked,….all of the trash simply disappeared. i was not focused on getting the trash out,….i was focused,…very simply,….on God,………..but,…it was also because of “my choice” to set aside everything else that i was doing (previously) and “go” spend time with Him,……….as i prayed,…i was given peace,…in this peace,…..the trash was instantly gone. was i praying for “specific” things????? nope,…that is the really cool part!!!! i was just a guy who was very tired,…and quite weary,…..and i just needed recharged. i needed my “daddy” to let me know that all was going to be just fine…….are there still rather trying situations and circumstances in my life??? yes. there are. and these are “beyond” my changing of them on “my own.”but,….walking (quite literally, lol) by “faith”,..and not by “sight”,…as God says, and tells us to do,…is when and where we find the rest and peace that only God has for us………this was just my two cents worth on what you wrote,…..again,…very cool!!!! have a good one!

  5. Paul Avatar

    Thankyou johnedoe for your testimony wonderful. I like what you said about trash in the well. I often take a walk where I live, Once I’m out of the house I feel liberated and free, I guess the great outdoors is God’s free gift to us… Thank you Lord! John my friend I may use this post today (if thats ok with you I’ll provide a link to your blog) I appreciate your openess and inspiration. Thank you my brother and blessingsPaul

  6. john e doe Avatar

    FEEL FREE, PAUL!…have a good one……toksoon

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