You May Not get Man’s Applause, But You Will Have God’s Reward!

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So I perceived that nothing is better than a man should rejoice in his own works for that is his heritage... (Ecc 3:3).
Success is often mis-defined, so is fulfilment in life. We often struggle for man’s applause but man’s applause is a distraction from our core purpose and is not a measure of our success. When God done all the hard work in creation, Adam did not say, “Wow God thanks  for all this!” I mean he did have all the world to himself, right! When this same God took on flesh and came to live among us to be crucified for everybody, not one disciple said, “thank you Lord for saving me!” In fact we read that Jesus  took on death not for himself but for everyone else, he didn’t benefit from it, we do! The word states, “who for the joy that was set before him endured the cross” (Hebrews 12;2) He done it for the pure joy of it!

The crowd don’t define the value of what we do, you do!  You do something because its valuable to you. You do it because you get joy out of it. Whether folks recognise it, respond to it, or  reward you for it, is not the governing factor or the reason why. You do things because you have too.  If you can do something for the joy of it you’re already miles ahead of folks who will only do things if they get rewarded for their effort!

Great men like Jesus know the one thing that strivers and pushers don’t, …… YOU are the reward!  Do I get anything out of this, of course, it’s much more than a reward, It’s knowing this, … I done it!


  1. Pastor Philip Roman Avatar

    We often struggle for mans applause but mans applause is a distraction from our core purpose and is not a measure of our success. This statement is so true. We don’t need the accolades of man. The attention of man can cause a big head and keep us from doing what God called us to do. Thank you Paul! Be blessed!

  2. Bishop O.W. Prince Avatar

    Amen. This is so very true. You’ve touch upon a major problem in my community of churches. Many so-called preacher and pastor perform for their congregations in order to get a certain response of approval. They hoop and holler in, what is traditionally known as, a black preachers cadence. They put on a show in order to get applause, laughter and a standing ovation. Their message is not substantive or relevant to Gods ordained plan of salvation but motivational and sensational — self-gratifying only if others approve.As pastor Philip Roman indicated, many of them are egomaniacs (they get the Big head), Thank you for reminding us that we do it because we get joy out of it. Whether folks recognize it, respond to it, or reward us for it. We do things because it pleases our souls and our souls hunger to please God. And it is rewarding enough to know that we have done a task that pleases God. For the joy of the Lord is my strength. owp

  3. pbus1 Avatar

    Wonderful lesson, Pastor Paul! We do it for the pure joy of doing it, and knowing that our God is well pleased! Praise God! Amen!

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