Accountability Secrets #4 To Lead, care!

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And when he saw him he had compassion on him ..pouring in oil and wine… and set him on his own beast

(Luke 10:33,34 ).

Leadership is not necessarily in your title, ministry office, ability to preach, command a following or carry a church position. Rather It’s in your ability to get close to folks, understand their problems and work with them until they come out of the hole to the other side. You are a leader because you are close to a person and care. Which means this, folks that build ministries emphasising their titles lose, folks that make it their ministry to build people win. Leadership then, is not necessarily in one’s ability to build a big church but in an observable set of skills, one of which is the ability to get off one’s horse and simply, “care!!


  1. Brother James Avatar

    Wonderful post, Paul. Leading in compassion points us in a completely different direction than leading through authority.

  2. Desiray Avatar

    People don’t care how much you know they want to know how much you care..AMEN

  3. Pastor Philip Roman Avatar

    Amen Paul and yes, Desiray I agree with you. Anyone can preach and call themselves an Apostle, Prophet, Evangelist, Pastor or Teacher, but it takes a real leader to demonstrate it and leave a mark on the people.

  4. pbus1 Avatar

    Great post, Pastor Paul. Being a leader is not about building a big church, for sure. It is about building lives, sometimes one life at a time! God bless you!Paulette

  5. nightshade130 Avatar

    Amen sister! I concur!!!Praise God that there are people out there who carry a torch to show and display Gods love for us through faith in action rather than by emphasis of title amen!Sherline 🙂

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