Accountability Secrets #1. Make your Life a Daily Giveaway

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Accountability is taking hold of your gift and saying, “I’ll use this to lift someone out of a hole, I’ll invest what I have to make your life better!” Accountability is the mentality of an investor and we are all Investors.  Investment makes life meaningful when we best give our investments away. Books we’ve written, blogs that contain our life secrets, hope we have found, a smile we can hold, even money we secretly covet and want for ourselves. It’s a secret of life. You’re never poor if you can give whats of value away! If what you have comes out of a struggle, a fight or a crisis, take it and convert it into a story, show others what you  can do out of a bad situation and how God brought you out.  That’s being accountable! What you keep don’t make you happy, what you give away does. That’s why accountable people come alive when they serve others and selfish folks die broke!

What have you put on the table today?

Help me live!


  1. jusmeh Avatar

    Love this post Paul.

  2. Paul Avatar

    Thanks Jusmeh, Your story can turn someone’s life around….

  3. jusmeh Avatar

    I hope so 🙂

  4. pbus1 Avatar

    Thank you for sharing so much of your expertise with us! You are truly an encouragement, as well as an inspiration to me. God bless you.Paulette

  5. Desiray Avatar

    Now how amazing this is I just finished speaking on the radio on this word Accountability and then come to your blog and see you wrote about it. Talk about being in tune with the Lord today..AMEN

  6. Paul Avatar

    Paulette thank you! My mission is simply to light a fire..thats all!…

  7. Paul Avatar

    wow…Thank you Lord!

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