The Achievers Guide to The Big Life

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1. Make the one thing you want to do the only thing worth doing and don’t stop until the job gets done.
2. Dont quite because of other people’s agenda and don’t stop to get others folks approval.
3. Negotiate everything. Believe in your own ability and compare yourself to no-one.
4. Follow your heart unconditionally. If God has given you a desire, Its yours, so birth it!
5. Regret nothing. Even the bad stuff has taught you a valuable lesson so thank God for the messed up times too.
6. Live a life of “no-regrets”
7. Use your faith daily and celebrate the small moves
8. Love people. Enjoy the company of those who love life and are cheerful
9. Dont forget you will live forever. So plan, long-term!
10. Remember man makes a dream but only God give’s the destiny. Get his definition of “BIG!”


  1. jusmeh Avatar

    I am trying to understand how this fits into my own circumstances. I have been trying IVF five times now. It costs $10,000 a time. The results continue to be the same, regardless of what the doctor prescribes me. I have a desire for children so badly. So God gave me this desire? Why then, every time I pray, plead, knock, seek, ask do my prayers go unanswered? Why can people have children and then go on to abuse them, when there are good people desperate to provide a safe environment who can not have children?I have yelled at God, turned my back on Him, believed completely in Him. I will never understand. How often do “achievers” need to put in to live big before they give up?

  2. Desiray Avatar

    Jusmeh we may never know why our prayers go un-answered at times. But God does give us things in His word that we need to check like our attitudes towards our prayers have we forgiven people have we repented. Are we living a righteous life before the Lord. If we are doing these things and still no answer it could be that God has answered our prayers just not the way we would of liked. Believe me I know the feeling been there many times and I am sure I will be there again. Jesus want to know how much we will trust and keep the faith even when we see no evidence of what He has told you. Remember He with-holds nothing good from His children. When I am waiting on God to answer a prayer for me especially if it’s a big one, I started singing this song called “I’m Waiting’ it’s song by John Waller I believe he sung it in the movie Fireproof. In our waiting on God we must continue to worship, serve..God knows your heart just like He knows mine and everyone else. Sometimes we just got to ask God to help us when we are weak…Believe me many people have asked the same question and I too have asked but one thing that helps me allot and that is this. What ever I am facing or going through it’s not for me it’s for someone else that I will meet later in life that I can minister to them from what I experienced…this makes us become mature in Christ and we grow in purity..I hope this helps you, if we could get all the answers to life and why God does this or that then there would be no need to trust Him, because we would be just like Eve in the garden how she allowed the enemy to deceive her….

  3. Pastor Philip Roman Avatar

    Faith does not stop unless you give up or give in. A double-minded man is unstable in all his ways. Faith is now and that is how we are to live. We can’t live in the yesterdays and we can’t live in the future. We have to live in this present moment. Moments change, but God remains the same. Heb 11:1 Now faith is… So true. It’s easy get complacent! It”s easy to throw in the towel. It’s greater to walk by faith and not by sight. It’s not easy but Jesus did it and so can we.Quick message to Jusmeh. Keep your head up and keep pressing forward. One quick note… God answers prayers always, because if He didn’t then Jesus would have never told us to pray. Paul would have never told us to pray without ceasing. The Father is love and He loves you. Ask Him if your supposed to take the IVF. We have had women that could not bare children in our church and after we have laid hands on them they became pregnant. We did not pray we commanded their wombs to be full and bring forth children. If you believe that you can be pregnant without meds, then come into agreement with this word. Matthew 18:19 Again I say unto you, That if two of you shall agree on earth as touching any thing that they shall ask, it shall be done for them of my Father which is in heaven. The power of agreement is very important. I speak to your womb to be opened and to bring forth children in Jesus name. Amen

  4. Paul Avatar

    Greetings my sister, My heart goes out to you with your situation. To answer your question in my feeble way. I must say that the “big” life has nothing to do with having things or answered prayer and everything to do with how one sees God. To me Its who God is, not what he does. This helps me be content and know he knows things I dont know.I’m a son of a mother who could not have children. I’ve never asked her why. All I know she took me in as an orphan, adopted me and because of her I found Jesus, life and my destiny. Thats all I need to know. Without her, where would I be! God used her situation to fit her into a bigger plan and that’s what he has for you and I a bigger picture…..Yesterday I went into her room to pray for her she’s nearly blind and nearly ninety years of age and very feeble. She said, “I thank the Lord for bringing you into my life. Myself and your dad we could not have children but I thank God for you!”…..When God dont answer it’s because theres a bigger picture. My dear sister hold on, God has a bigger picture for you!Paul.

  5. jusmeh Avatar

    Thank you for this insight Paul. This does help.

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