Tell The Daughter of Zion..The Throne is ready!

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The Lord is the portion of mine inheritance. (Psalm 16:5).
I woke up this morning prophesying over my portion!  Then I read this psalm I had just minutes before read of the believers inheritance found in Psalm 16; 5 where our King, tells us that he, The Lord is the portion of mine inheritance. (Psalm 16:5). I got my jacket on and took a walk down the road to get my earthly portion of groceries and noticed this morning’s front page headlines in the Daily mail, “Kates daughter will be Queen”  a future daughter of the Prince william and the Duchess of Cambridge will become queen.

The whole morning got me in first gear! or should I say the Spirit of God got me into Gear!

The world have their portion! The rich boast in goods, the famous boast in mansions, the important boast in office and royalty boasts in thrones. I asked myself, “Why would I need those things?” Then the Spirit of the Lord said, “You ask why because you already got it all!”  I felt God! These man-made palaces and places are too small for me! and these places are too small for you! Believers have a bigger portion, the world has their “lot” but we have a “portion.” They have their portion below we have our portion forevermore.  In Christ our portion is as big as the heavens and as great as the earth why it’s, the “Lord is my portion”…

The  worlds portion is too small! “Portion”  to us as believers is something you can’t measure. because it’s the Lords portion. what he has is a lot of everything. His portion fills heaven and earth. What we have of this worlds goods cannot be put into a crown or placed in a mansion but it is given to you!

David was a King but he didn’t brag about his jewels rather he declared “the Lord is my portion.” whyhe knew what he already had in Christ..

….. Go tell the daughter her throne is ready….


  1. Pastor Philip Roman Avatar

    We don’t need the worlds inheritance we just need to walk in the inheritance God had given us. One note… You have a future king and queen. But you sir are a priest and king. The priest has the Word and the king brings the provision. Take your inheritance and do something with it! Be Blessed!

  2. remso Avatar

    You have made them to be a kingdom and priests to serve our God, and they will reign on the earth.” (Revelation 5:10 NIV)As a priest, the Lord is my portion. I seek no other. This phrase “Tell the daughter of Zion, thy throne is ready.” Has rocked me to my core. This confirms the image that I have been seeing in my spirit. His hand is open the door, and it is about to open. This is the most exciting time the world has ever seen. As for me, I am going out in a blaze, and I will not be stopped.Oz

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