God Put Me Back Together Again

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The criminal next to Jesus cried out to Jesus saying “Lord remember me” (Luke 23:42)

To remember means to put back together that which was dismembered. One who is dismembered is broken, torn apart mentally, socially and has no family. A social outcast abandoned, rejected and a wreck. condemned by society and having no friend. When the thief said “Lord remember me,” he was asking for more than just a “think of me” sometime, he was asking God to put him back together again.

You may not be a thief but you may feel dismembered. you may feel as if the thief has come to your house and stolen what God had once given you. Today you must know you’re closer to Jesus than you think and he will remember you. In fact you and Jesus are in the same place right, the place of the cry.

Cry out to him,
Lord give me back my family
Lord give me back my sense of purpose
Lord give me back my dignity
Lord give me back my mind
Lord help me love as I once did
Lord give me the peace I once had
Lord let me find a family a live as a whole man no longer isolated and abandoned
Lord heal my mind, my soul my body.
Lord forgive me of every sin I’ve ever done.
Lord put me back together again.

And he will.
He is the Lord who re-members you.


  1. nightshade130 Avatar

    Happy Resurrection Sunday Bro Paul!Stay Blessed as Always :DSherline

  2. Paul Avatar

    My Sister Thankyou, You too have an incredible resurrection day… blessingsPaul

  3. Dennis Munn Avatar

    What a beautiful post, Paul!

  4. Paul Avatar

    Thank you my brother, thats appreciated. The Lord belss you, always.

  5. Caddo Veil Avatar

    WOW, brother Paul–this is Amazing!! Thank you so much–I was unaware of the fuller meaning of “remember me”–Wow, again. God bless you abundantly today, and always.

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